Introducing TERRARIUM…

Hello friends! As a lover of uncommon plants and botanical inspired decor, my never tiring search for my next unique orchid or perfectly aged terra cotta pot has spilled over into a new venture I’d love to share with you. Terrarium is a place for plant lovers and those who love to showcase their fascination with Earth’s most beautiful natural “accessories.” Whether you are an avid gardener, a patio planter, or simply enjoy bringing a little green into your home decor, I think you will find Terrarium has something for everyone.

With an online store soon to launch that’s chock full of wonderful indoor and outdoor accessories, tools, vessels and display pieces for your favorite green darlings, as well as limited offerings of unique potted plants, ferns, orchids, mosses, succulents and seeds to get your cultivated collection growing, Terrarium is sure to be your new favorite place to start nurturing your green thumb.

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