(To inquire about ADULT ONLY after hours private parties please CLICK HERE for more info.)

STEP 1: Please first select a reservation option based on your group size to see available times and dates.

  • No children under 10 in the work room and kids 10-16 must be accompanied by a parent observer. Max of 8 total guests in the room due to space, so only 1 adult will be allowed in the assembly room for a full group of 7 children. Other adults may wait in the shop area. See Terms & Conditions for age restriction details.
  • All handiwork should be done at the Terrarium Bar work table only.

STEP 2: Select the date that you would like to make your reservation. Dates open on a 3 week rolling schedule.

STEP 3: Select a reservation time. Available time slots for your reservation type will appear below the calendar. If no times are listed, that date is booked up or not available.

STEP 4: Enter your contact email for your reservation. A confirmation will be sent to you if your appointment is approved.

STEP 5: For groups of 4-7, please let us know how many adults and how many children 10-16 will be participating in the APPOINTMENT NOTES area. If all builders are under 16, please include the name of the adult that will be observing but not participating. If all 7 builders are adults, no additional guests will be allowed in the room.

STEP 6: Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions so you are aware of our policies while in the Terrarium Bar.

Once your reservation is sent, it is not officially booked until our staff sends you a confirmation. If you do not receive a notice within 24 hrs, please email us.

Questions before you reserve? Contact Us